Environmental test, Stability and Climate chambers

Termaks chambers provide an ideal solution for environmental, stability and climate applications. The new developed and refined range offers high reliability and repeatable performance without comprise. Powerful and optimally coordinated heating and cooling technology offers state of the art performance, energy efficiency and low noise. KB series is ideal for the most demanding pharmaceutical, biotech, and industrial use.

The refrigeration system is On Demand and only turns on when needed, reducing heat load and allowing units to run on standard single electrical circuits. KB 9400F has a heatless humidification system that further reduces heat load and energy usage. Lockable casters are standard and levelling feet and access ports among many other customization possibilities are optional.

Termaks also offer Customizations according to your special demands and applications.

Intuitive Controls with and easy to operate touchscreen display makes operating parameters highly visible. Extra features have been built in making it possible to control the Termaks Cabinets through CTS, PC or Gateway. Data logging and full Remote support via Connect allows you to control and program the system remotely, store data and event logs and much more.

The new refrigeration and dehumidification system offers great capacity and reliability. It is constantly controlled via electronic valves redirecting heat/cool upon system request allowing fast adjustments according to settings. Due to the system design the working range is far superior in its standard configuration and provides high RH recovery and temperature stability in its full range.
The humidification system offers high capacity and user friendliness without any requirements of regular maintenance. The system has built in autotest and includes process for self-cleaning in order to avoid unwanted growth. Furthermore, it offers automatic insufficient feed water supply and leakage management.

The series is easy to install, even for facilities without purified feed water supply or nearby drain. Different water feed and drains options available.

The control system is designed in accordance with EN61010 and has been EMC-tested in accordance with EN 60730-1 and EN 60730-2-14.

All Termaks Cabinets have a redundant system, that monitors all sensors and makes sure that a single fault can’t cause a malfunction.

Making the best use of valuable space in your lab, Termaks incubators are designed with a very small footprint ratio compared to the interior volume. In addition, the KB series offers very low noise level.

High lights

  • Temperature range -2°C to + 70°C
  • 2 model sizes (182 and 400 litres volume)
  • Validatable performance
  • Dependable temperature and humidity performance, even at high and low ends of the range.
  • Forced air circulation and air jacket
  • Safety thermostats and redundant system for maximum protection
  • Data logging and Remote support via Connect
  • Access ports for data logging with external sensors (optional)
  • Tripple glass front window with cover (optional)
  • Light system, dual side (optional)
  • Castors, lockable for increased mobility

Touch display Explanatory text – simpler to operate
Extended temperature range -2°C to + 70°C
Extensive humidity range 15-96 % RH
Remote support and logging
via Connect
MODBUS communication

Full Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification/Process Qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ) documentation and services available.

Temperature and humidity

Not all climate chambers are the same. The humidity content of the chamber load, the ambient conditions and the respective temperature-humidity working range are decisive factors in the selection of the right appliance. In the adjacent diagram, you can see the possible temperature/humidity combinations for our chamber with humidification system (L).

Within the respective temperature-humidity range, condensation-free permanent operation is possible. To which extent condensation may occur in the threshold range depends on the humidity content of the chamber load and the ambient conditions.

Light, Temperature and humidity

KB 9400 series offers optional Light system for Day/Night simulation. The high-capacity light sources are placed in each side of the cabinet in order to maximize usable chamber space. The system allows up to maximum 25 000 Lux in sides, 12 000 Lux average in centrand is fully programmable with ramping options.

Termaks offers factory optimizations and validation according to specific protocols and demands.


  • Precise performance
  • Real time programming
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use control panel
  • Temperature, Humidity and Light ramps programmable via display or Connect
  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant and chamber in stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • State of the art cooling for a precise and homogenous temperature control
  • Safety thermostats and redundant system for maximum protection
  • Reliable
KB 9400 L KB 9400 F KB 9400 FL
Variation + / – ˚C 0,1 0,1 0,1
Deviation (spatial) + / – % 0,2 0,2 0,2
Readability / Setability ˚C 0,1 0,1 0,1
Range ˚C” -2°C + 70°C -2°C + 70°C -2°C + 70°C
Sensor “K” Yes Yes Yes
Controller PID PID PID
Real time program * Yes Yes Yes
Remote support via Connect Optional Optional Optional
Alarm flashing / Acoustic Yes Yes Yes
Alarm limit settable ˚C Yes Yes Yes
Automatic safety setting ˚C Yes Yes Yes
Humidity variation (time) +/- %RH 2 2
Humidity deviation (spatial) +/- %RH 2 2
Readability %RH 0,1 0,1
Setability %RH 1 1
Range setting %RH 1-99 1-99
Working range %RH 15-96* 15-96*
Capasative sensor Yes Yes
Controller PID PID
Water quality Demineralized Demineralized
Water feed pressure Bar 1-6 1-6
Water reservoir (optional) litres 5 5
Light readability/setability % 3-100** 3-100**
Light intensity in centre Lux 12000 12000
Light intensity both sides Lux 25000 25000
Door gasket silicone Yes Yes Yes
Data port, MODBUS Yes Yes Yes
Pot free alarm, output Yes Yes Yes
Standard / Max pcs 3/22 3/22 3/22
Dimensions W × D mm 610 × 580 610 × 580 610 × 580
Max load pr shelf kg 30 30 30
Permitted total load kg 120 120 120
Heating up time to 37°C mins 27 30 33
Heat transfer at 70°C W 65 75 90
Nominal Power W 1200 1200 1200
Nominal voltage V 230 230 230
Frequency Hz 50/60 50/60 50/60
Exterior W × D × H mm 920×720×1840 920×720×1840 920×720×1840
Interior W × D × H mm 630×592×1073 630×592×1073 630×592×1073
Volume litres 400 400 400
Net weight kg 210 230 240
Shipping weight kg 235 255 275
Shipping dimensions 1060x830x2040 1060x830x2040 1060x830x2040
Shipping volume dm3 1795 1575 1795

*Humidifier disabled below +4°C and above +55°C
**Temperature settings are prioritized at low temperatures (factory setting)